Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day

We didn't go out this year, but check out this sweet dinner we had at home. Surf and turf without even leaving the house. That husband of mine is a grill master. The steaks and lobsert tails were amazing!! What you don't see to the right is the high chair, yes our Valentines Day was spent family style. That's ok though, he went to bed pretty early. He was WORN OUT. We had spent the day at a first birthday party for the son of a coworker. It was fun, but that little guy didn't get a nap at all until he feel asleep on the way home. Then he woke up way too soon after we got there. Needless to say he was grumpy. So our background music while we ate was him babbling mama mama mama mama, dada dada dada dada....intermixed with crying and throwing his dinner and cup on the floor. He was pretty good for the first half of the meal but he wanted to be done before we were. So we put him to bed and had dessert without him :) It was still a really nice meal and I guarantee we ate better than most of the people who ate their dinner at a restuarant that night.

On another V-Day note...I don't care too much about getting gifts etc for this particular holiday. February is jam packed for us already with a birthday on the 13th , Valentine's Day the 14th, and our anniversary on the 18th. Anyway I never know what to do about Valentines Day. I always get a card and a little something (like make him a cheesecake or something), but I know he doesn't care about the holiday much. I've gotten flowers from him before and last year I got a really nice card and some chocolate truffles, just simple stuff. So this year I got him a card and some camoflage chocolates (which I have eaten more of than he has!). Anyway I was expecting something along the same lines or just a card or something for our anniversary. But he got me one of those Pajama Grams this year. It was so sweet. I loved it, but then felt bad about giving him candy that only I am eating. He really is a pretty thoughtful guy and I'm lucky to have him, even if i didn't get pajamas!


Melanie said...

looks like a lovely meal and a pajama gram? How cute is that? I made shrimp cocktail and rib eyes. It's nice to make dinner at home then you can avoid the insane crowds!

The Jacobsen Family! said...

What is a pajama gram?? lol
The steak looks ok, the lobster, ugh! But you know me... No seafood and only semi on the steaks. =)
He is a grill master though, you're right.

Kim said...

Great evening with a great guy! Getting flowers at school was a huge suprise for me and really made my Arizona Statehood Day!

Jenn in AZ said...

Those are sooo cute! What a great Valentine's Day. We had to postpone our celebration (we have a big-ole-family shindig!) for a few days, because Joel was working. He & my dad grilled some awesome t-bones, served with grilled onions, mushrooms, and garlic (he put some in the mashed potatoes, too...yummy!). Marie provided our pies...gotta get some more before the sale ends, too!!!

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