Monday, June 28, 2010

It's been awhile...

It's been almost a month since I've updated my blog. As you can imagine it's been a little more difficult to find time for this since the baby was born. I can't believe he's a month old already and growing like crazy. At his two week appointment he was 90th percentile for weight and 95th for height. Not that anyone is surprised by that if you've seen his older brother. At 3 weeks old he had already gained 2 pounds, grown 2 1/2 inches, and moved up a diaper size. I don't know his exact height or weight right now, but I know the outfit he wore a week ago was tight when I put it on him for church Sunday. He's starting to fill out and look like a chubby baby now. He's still got that newborn look to him, but it's fading fast. I love the cuddly phase of newborn, but I really do like it more when they get a couple months older and start interacting and getting their personality. Right now his personality is angry...he's pretty fussy in the eveings but we're trying some new things hoping it helps. We aren't sure exactly what's causing this fussiness, but hoping it passes soon. His big brother was never like this so it's a new experience for us. Tonight though he hasn't shed a tear and it's 10pm, well past the time when he normally would've started his crying hour(s). But he's wide awake so I am too, but that's ok. I will take awake and content over awake and screaming any day.

We are starting to settle into a regular routine again which is nice. It's good to feel like a normal house again. As much as I liked taking a break from housework, I didn't really like the results it left. It's crazy how quickly your house can turn into a disaster zone. I had forgotten how much space all the stuff for a baby takes up. As they grow you start to rid yourself of some of the extra things that take up space: bassinets, bouncy seats, swings, boppy pillows, etc... With all of that the house pretty much looks cluttered all the time, especially considering the size of our house. Those extra things fill up what little space we have pretty quickly. That's ok though they are well worth the space they take. The bouncy seat and swing are definite life savers!

In other good news number one son is now potty trained. He's in underwear all the time, except for at night, no more pullups to buy yay! He's had a couple of accidents since his little bro was born, but he hadn't had any at all for a long time before that. He's also now telling us when he has to go which is what I was waiting for!! I still remind him throughout the day because they get distracted playing, but he's doing so great. He told me the other day I don't go poo poo or potty in my pants mommy, that's yucky. His big motivator has been that he can't go camping or hunting with daddy until he only goes potty in the toilet all the time and not in his pants. He can't wait to go do all those fun things with daddy.

Wow when I go so long in between posts I get pretty wordy! I guess I should update more often so it's in a little more reader friendly length :)