Saturday, January 23, 2010

ABC Song

Easton got this set of magnets for Christmas. I'm sure you've all seen the ones where you put letter in and it says its name and the sounds it makes. It also sings the ABC Song. As annoying as this thing can sometimes be it really has helped Easton learn a lot. He's recognizing many of the letters now and can say the sounds they make. This is a video that I'm a little behind in posting since it's from Christmas day. This is Easton after he opened the gift.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Big Brother

Just found out today that Easton is going to have a little brother. Ultrasound looks good and everything seems to be fine with the baby, an answer to prayers. We are really excited and I'm glad that Easton will have someone close to his age to be friends with as they grow up. I've been thinking about all the things he can teach his little brother. I'm hoping he will teach his brother to:

sing and play the piano (it's hilarioius to watch Easton sing with his keyboard he gets very into it)

say I love you mama/dada

"run faster" (that's his latest thing to do, he starts running and then says run faster run faster!)

play blocks

"help you mama" (he always wants to help with everything and if he can pass that on to little bro I would love it)

go to church (easton loves going to church, even if during the services sometimes you can't tell)

and many more...

Even though I know there are other not so great things he will teach his brother to drive his parents crazy, I think Easton will be a great big brother. This little one will be lucky to have him in his life. God has blessed our family so much and I can't wait to meet its newest member. Although now I am VERY outnumbered.