Friday, February 6, 2009

Mommy's Little Helper

There are some things that can't wait to be done until the the little guy is taking a nap: going to the bathroom, washing your hands after changing diapers, putting away name a few. Today we went grocery shopping which means we had food to put away. (There are some really good deals and Fry's and Sprouts this week by the way!) Of course whenever the refrigerator is open it's like Disneyland has just appeared and is waiting to be explored. But like every 10 month old his attention span is only so long and eventually needs to find other things to do while mom finishes putting things away. Soon he's found a ball he's chasing around and I'm busy trying to make some room in the freezer. I don't know how long I was focused on that task, but I'm guessing no more than about 45 seconds. In that time the ball has lost it's appeal and he's onto bigger and better things.

The trash can!! What the picture doesn't show are the used tea bags that he's sitting on and had apparently been shaking so the little ground up tea leaves were all over the floor and all over him. Man that kid moves fast! Needless to say I'll be mopping the floor...again as soon as I'm finished here. It's a good thing he's cute! :)


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haha.. And Sprouts and Fry's are the only places I shop. I always get smokin deals along with using coupons!