Sunday, October 18, 2009

Miracles of Modern Medicine...and of God!

Tonight I'm home thinking how very thankful I am for medication. (Just a warning this is going to be long so hopefully you can bear with me!) But let me back track. I need to begin by saying how very thankful I am for my concerned friends and family who remind me of what I should already know, but often don't. I spent last week being miserable, as you saw from my last post. I had been terribly sick and kept nothing, not even water down for about 4 days. I figured it was just part of the pregnancy curse and wasn't going to worry about it too much. Just whine and complain and wait for it to pass. Well, last Sunday at church several of my concerned friends told me I NEEDED to call my doctor. This wasn't normal and getting dehydrated would only cause unneccesary problems. I was also asked if I had been administered to. I hadn't, I was thinking getting administered to because you've got morning sickness is like getting administered to so labor won't hurt. It's part of the process and you just have to deal with it right?

Well, Monday came and went and I didn't call my doctor. I had an appointment on Wednesday anyway and thought I should just wait. That day I got phone calls and text messages from concerned friends making sure I had called the doctor. I sheepishly told them I hadn't, and knew they were still worried. So after promises to call the next day I went to bed sick again. The next morning I almost didn't call, but remembered my promise and decided I had better do it. So I did, and they called in an anti nausea prescription for me. The next day I went to my appointment and was told by my doctor I had waited much too long to do something about this. It was not healthy for me or the baby I'm supposed to be taking care of. Well, after a few days of being on the medication I haven't been sick once! My stomach still feels upset, but the pain level and nausea have decreased significantly. This is definitely bearable. Just goes to show I should've listened to my friends earlier and taken care of this. Would've saved myself a lot of grief.

Well, I listened to one piece of advice and called the doctor and got on medication, but I still hadn't listened to the second to be administered to. The first few days on the meds seemed amazing. I could eat crackers and sip broth and it stayed down. This seemed like a miracle in itself, but I really shouldn't spend the next few weeks or months living on broth and a few crackers. The medicine helped, but I still couldn't really eat. Wednesday night at church we were going through prayer requests before the season of prayer and I knew I needed to ask for administration. I was administered to that night and now I am able to eat small amounts of regular food without getting sick. I know the continued improvement is due to that administration.

I know God has blessed me tremendously already. He has blessed me by giving me people in my life who are concerned for me and who give excellent advice. He has blessed me with a doctor who is caring and knowledgable. He has blessed me with the child I'm lucky enough to be carrying. He has been with me and I know he will continue to be. After my last post I knew I couldn't leave it at that. I had to share God's blessings to me throughout this pregnancy so far.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Whining and Complaining

No cute pictures of Easton today. Today I'm taking a moment to complain about Eve. She messed up and part of her punishment was travail in childbirth. Did that really have to extend to the rest of us?? So many think this just means labor. Honestly labor really wasn't all that bad, and that is without an epideral. It's the prelabor part I'm whining about today. This morning I woke up feeling especially sick and I've been moping about it since I got out of bed. I know I was sick when I was pregnant the first time, but the puking didn't start till almost the 8th week. I was less than 6 weeks when it began with this one, and it has been going full force ever since. The last few days I have thrown up everything that has gone into my mouth within minutes of eating or drinking it. I'm very tired of looking into my toilet bowl. And I'm very tired of feeling sick to my stomach all day every day. I hate to be "that" preganant lady. You know the one...the one who looks completely miserable all the time, the one who moans and groans with every movement, the one who will talk your ear off about every little ache and pain, the one who got the pregnancy waddle the day they took the home pregnancy test...that one! I don't want to be her, but today I see "that" lady's face in my mirror (gasp!!) Where did she come from? Why am I being sucked into that temptation to complain? Well, to all my friends out there who will be spending the next few months around me I promise I will try my hardest not to continue being THAT preganant lady. But today, just for a moment I am her. I am whining and complaining and wishing I was one of those lucky women who never felt the pain of morning sickness. But now I say good-bye to the grouch and hello to the one who knows that no matter what the end result is completely worth it. I can't look at my son who is already here and think anything else!