Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Future Food Network Hosts??

I've been hanging out with my boys this week and it's been so much fun! These two are quite a pair and have definitely entertained me (and each other). Today was raspberry banana bread day. Yes I am crazy for geting two toddlers to help me bake. But really they didn't make too much of a mess. They were pretty good helpers and had a great time in the kitchen.

We stared out by mashing up the bananas. They each took turns squishing them up while saying "squish squish squish" as they smashed.

Next we added the water.

Then the oil...and yes I actually did let them pour it and neither of them spilled.

Then we added the flour mixture and the boys stirred that in for me as well. This was the messiest step of our baking adventure. They would look at the spoons and shake them around. Getting some on the floor, and on the dogs, but none on their shirts!

Finally we poured the batter into the pans and got it ready to go in the oven. There would be a picture of the little chefs with the finished product, but one of them got sleepy and had to take a nap before it was done. Cooking can really wear you out!


The Jacobsen Family! said...

We have some cute kids! And you are brave! They really did well though... Thanks for taking him this week. I know he's had such a great time with you guys, and this proves it even more!

Felicia said...

Yes! They are adorable! And how sweet that they are around the same age!!

HollyB said...

2 toddlers doing things, is the only way I know how to do it! Looks like it was fun. I haven't done cooking with the kids yet. But we spent an afternoon coloring on the floor and it was fun! (it was on paper...not the floor)