Thursday, July 16, 2009

NY Reunion

We had a great time visiting our friends and family in upstate NY this past weekend. Although it took us three planes and ALL day to get there and back, it was worth it to have the chance to see everyone and attend the reunion. Even though it was small, only about 30 people, the services and sermons were great. I'm so glad we were able to go.

This is the plane that took us to and from Massena and Albany. It only holds ten people total, including the pilot so as you can imagine it was tiny! The flight takes about an hour, and it super loud because of the propellers, but it was awesome!

Just another closeup view of the ramp leading inside the plane.

I didn't have my camera out on the way there when the weather was perfect. The views that day were amazing! It was cloudy on the way back so the pictures aren't as clear, but this is just some of what we could see from our aerial view. There is water everywhere you look in this part of the country, but I couldn't get any good pictures of all the rivers there. But you can see how green everything is. I really don't think they have ever seen the color brown unless they dig under ground, or look at a tree trunk. Not like home at all, but I still love it here anyway.

Anyone who knows this guy understands how perfect this toy was for him. He loved playing this piano at Eli and Gretchen's house. He would sit and play something, then stop and clap for himself and look around to make sure everyone else was too. The cutest was when he would sing and play. He wouldn't do it for the video camera though, too bad.

Our first day there we went out on the boat. Easton didn't care for the life jacket too much, but he had a great time.

We all enjoyed being out on the water. Luckily we got some time in that day because the rest of the weekend was rainy and a little cold for boating. Although Aadam, Chase, Mya, Rhoades, Brandon, Bill, and Louie went out in the cold later on. They were going on the speedboat and being pulled around on the tube behind it. A little too fast to take the little guy out. So we visited with the ladies on the shore instead. Easton tried to drive the motorhome and destroy everything. Luckily the owners are grandparents and they didn't mind :)

Easton, Louie, and Chase swinging.

Checking out the fish. Thanks for holding on so tight Chase! This was pretty much his favorite thing to do while we were there.

Now it's Rhoades' turn to hold him. Anyone else willing??

These are what kept his attention for so long. Eli and Gretchen's backyard was a never ending source of adventure for Easton. He even got to feed the fish. So cool!

These are just a few of the pictures, a video of the boys playing the drums and a sweet headdress are coming soon

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The Jacobsen Family! said...

Wow, what a backyard!! I'd love that! And being pulled behind the boat would be so fun too!! Love the pics... Too cute.