Saturday, April 18, 2009

Using a Plate

So we're trying to get him used to eating his food on a plate. First things first. Dump all food onto tray.

Second look proud of accomplishment.

Next begin licking plate so as not to miss any small specks that may remain.

Finally, what the plate is really good for!
Someday he may learn to be civilized. Otherwise he's going to have a hard time getting past the first date stage with any girl in the future. He may be a good looking guy, but a little embarassing to be seen with at a restaurant. Maybe he would do better starting out just going for coffee. No, he throws his cup when he's done with it so that won't work either. Mom will have her hands full teaching him some manners. On second thought...I don't want my baby dating anyway so go ahead and dump that plate!


The Jacobsen Family! said...

He'll get that plate thing figured out in no time mamma, so you'd better lock the doors and sit close with your shotgun if you want to keep the girls away! They'll be lined up otherwise!!!

Kim said...

Aunt A is right! Whether you want them to or not, they figure out the dating thing. Best answer? Keep praying! (That pretty much covers everything!)

Rob said...

LOL, My 21 month old is good at dumping her plate and throwing her cup also. Maybe they can date each other since they seem somewhat alike and should get along perfectly. LOL.

Melanie said...

alright! using the plate, little man. Oh and I'm gonna pretend that they're not gonna date, at least for awhile longer. Kaia and Logan aren't getting married until she is 30 *snicker*

HollyB said...

ahh, nice... we have those plates too, but my kids haven't figured out they can see throught them. ( I love that pictures!!)