Thursday, April 9, 2009

Growing Up!

Here he is at 3 days old. Seems like only a days ago that he was born.

Now here he is a few days after his first birthday. Such a big boy now!
Well, I was hoping to have a video to go along with this, but seeing as I don't have a video camera it makes it kind of difficult. I can take short video on my digital camera though so I should probably do that sometime. Anyway, my little boy doesn't seem so little now that he's officially walking. Took him a long 2 months from the time he took his first steps to get there. I was beginning to wonder if he had become such a speed crawler that he wasn't ever going to want to walk since it was a slower form of transportation for him. Of course he did though and he's so cute toddling around the house. Hasn't quite worked his way into running yet, but he sure is trying. He's all about the speed. Hopefully that won't continue when he gets his driver's license! Which I don't even want to think about by the way. Time will pass by soon enough, and I'm going to enjoy every minute with him that I can!


Melanie said...

awww little baby boy! that's such a cute pic of him. Some day I'll have to come over and look at pics of him. I love looking at pictures! I'm prob a weirdo ha ha

The Jacobsen Family! said...

He's so adorable! Such a big boy! Wish you had a video!!!

HollyB said...

I would say today, Jeremiah "officialy" started walking, but I did try to video him and he got all silly on me, and would not walk. He would not even stand... and he can stand up better than I can. Our babies are growning so quickly... sniff sniff