Thursday, April 23, 2009

Some New Words

My sister in law told me about a t-shirt once that said "I'm not a performing monkey". My son needs this. He is one of those kids who does something really cute at home, and then when you try and show off his cool skill to your friends he just stares at them and smiles. He does that at home most of the time too. If it isn't his idea then forget it! Today for instance he was eating some potatoes for lunch and I was, as usual, trying to get him to say the name of what he was eating. He sat there shoving pieces into his mouth and laughing at me saying "po-ta-tooooo" over and over again. Then he smiles and says "ta-to". I of course start clapping and saying yay yay! So he laughs and says "ta-to" again. Later on when dad gets home from work I say "Tell daddy the new word you said today. Say potato." He looks at me, looks at dad, and says "plllllll" (not quite sure how you spell stick your tongue out and start spitting but that's probably close enough). Which translates to "I'm not a performing monkey." The kid is too stinkin cute... even if he won't show off when I want him to. (By the way this picture has absolutely nothing to do with the post, I just thought it was cute!)


Melanie said...

Most kids are that way ha ha. Kaia gives the blank stare all the time. ugh haha. This pic is way too cute!

The Jacobsen Family! said...

LOVE that pic! I'm going to have to see if I can find that shirt. =)

HollyB said...

That's a good story... and the pic, well I can't tell who he blongs to. Oar or Yates???