Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I Can't Complain

As I struggled today to shove one more thing into an already full to capacity closet today I found myself frustrated by our lack of space in this house. Closets maxed out, kitchen cupboards overflowing and drawers filled with junk that has nowhere else to get the idea. Anyway as I thought about how much I wished we had more space, an extra bedroom, another closet, I began to think there are actually some positive aspects to a smaller home. Cleaning takes much less time and effort, and as one who is still trying to perfect her role as stay at home mom that is a definite plus! Less space means lower utility bills, not as much to cool as a bigger house. Smaller home equals smaller mortgage, which is a huge blessing. When the size of your yard far exceeds the size of your home you have lots of space to play. Room enough to put golf balls, practice archery, and run around in several sets of sprinklers. There is also room for a pretty sweet vegetable garden. There is also enough room for two adults, one toddler, two dogs, and a houseguest, with no one running into each other and no line for the bathroom. So although I began my morning murmuring I have since changed my tune. God has given me and my family everything we could ever need, and much much more! I can't (and shouldn't) complain about anything in my life. As the song we sang at our Thanksgiving program said, "I am blessed beyone all measure".


The Jacobsen Family! said...

And with a bigger house, you just end up filling it with more junk anyways. =)
We really are blessed "beyond all measure"!

Melanie said...

this is a great testimony...although my mortgage is less than a 1200 sq ft apt, I do think about the utility bills and if we really will be saving money?? I have noticed that God has been giving all of us what we need and much more. We are all truly blessed.

Melanie said...

P.S. I adore that pic of Aadam and Easton playing guitar