Thursday, June 18, 2009

So worth it!

This morning it took me over 30 minutes to fold and put away six towels. Actually it was folding towels, several games of "Where's Easton?", reading four books (How can I say no when he crawls up on my lap, book in hand, saying "more"?), lots of kisses (he's in affectionate mood lately and I love it!), getting a drink, fixing a snack, and finally putting the towels in the closet. I don't care if folding six towels takes me all day. When I look at this face it is SO worth it!


Melanie said...

it sure is! we are very blessed, all of us.

Jenn in AZ said... made me cry! I wish Aimee would climb on my lap with a book asking, "More". ;) That is a WONDERFUL time of life. It keeps changing and getting better, too, but the memories grow and become sweeter.

Great pic, too. He's adorable!!

The Jacobsen Family! said...

Yes, it is worth it!! Love that pic!

HollyB said...

I agree... I was thinking the same thing today, as I was cleaning up the same mess for the 5th time in one day... I wouldn't trade it for anything!! (today, I caught the babies "reading" their books... all of the books were on the floor around them over 200books!)