Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Watering Grass With Grandpa

Today we went to visit Grandma and Grandpa while Grandpa was watering the grass. Of course that meant he had to have some help.

Spraying the water is SO cool! Especially when you get soaked in the process.

Some of the water got on the porch too. Almost as fun to play with as the hose.

And if you get thirsty? No problem drinks are provided!

My baby is all boy! He loves to get dirty, and isn't a bit upset when he's covered in mud, sand, grass, or anything else he's managed to get all over himself. These pictures just continue to show that he will put ANYTHING in his mouth. I probably should've stopped him from drinking hose water off the ground, but it was soooo funny that we had to get some pictures instead. We all were laughing and he was pretty proud of himself for not only getting messy but entertaining the crowd as usual.


Melanie said...

hahahaha. those are some great pics and he sure is alll boy! That's so sweet.

The Jacobsen Family! said...

LOL!! Good thing you guys don't care about that kind of stuff... Don't forget to add chewing on dog toys!!! =)