Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I love this picture!

I love this picture! I just got it on a CD of some older pictures from my mother in law. There are newborn baby pictures as well as some when I was VERY pregnant. Even though I'm quite large they are fun to look at and remember. This picture I think was taken when my little guy was about 2 months old. I knew the twins were small when they were born so early, but you forget as they grow. This picture of the boys born just 2 weeks apart shows it. Check out those heads together! I really love this picture because I always wanted my children to grow up with a big group of kids their age at church like I did. Looks like there is a good chance of that...these are just the ones who had babies under a year old at the time. We are so blessed!(Now all of them have had their first birthday and two are getting close to their second! Time is racing by!)


Melanie said...

that is a way cute picture! I love all the "babies" we have. It's so wonderful that there are so many and they get to grow up together. *sniff*

HollyB said...

awww... our babies are growing up! I'm ready for another baby, but not the responsibility of another child.

The Jacobsen Family! said...

I love this too... It would be fun to do another one now!