Friday, March 20, 2009

Ok so I've been tagged by my lovely sister in law Alesha at The Jacobsen Family and since she said I was awesome how could I not play along? The only catch is I only know 5 people in the blogging world, and 2 have already been tagged. So...I can only pass this on to 3 others. Sorry I'm a blogging nerd! :)

So here are the rules:
Link to the person who tagged you
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Write 5 random things about yourself
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Ok so here it goes.

1. Before I left my job as a teacher to stay home with my son I was kind of nervous because as long as I was able to I have been working. Since age 15 when I started working Saturdays as a hostess at a restaurant I have NEVER not had a job. Thats a lot of years of working. I was always super busy with being a full time student and full time employee. Usually both at the same time. I had no idea what it would be like to not go to work. I was so excited to stay home with my baby after he was born, but I worried I wouldn't feel like I was accomplishing much. Well, I have had those days where I felt like I was really unproductive and nothing I did amounted to much. Doing laundry doesn't quite compare with teaching a class full of students and seeing them finally get it. BUT that being said, I wouldn't trade being at home for anything! I am so thankful that God has put us in a financial situation where I am able to do this. Everyday I thank God for the life he has given me. I am blessed beyond all measure!

2. I am a terrible photographer. Now I don't mean I cut people's heads off or stick my finger in front of the lens. I just take pictures of ridiculous things. For example a few years ago I went to upstate NY for the first time to visit some friends. We went to many beautiful places while I was there, but did I take pictures of any of that? No. The photos of my trip included the hallway in the airport I walked down about 30 times during my 6 hour plane delay! The lady in the food court who charged me for a large drink but only gave me a medium. The shop in the airport that charged $20 for disposable cameras, when the one two doors down only charged $10. You get the idea.

3. My husband and I have this weird obsession with hair. Not our own, but on other people. I think we must have a 6th sense about finding amazing mullets and other interesting hairstyles wherever we go because we ALWAYS see them. We will wisper take a look at 9 o'clock and we instantly know to check out the sweet hairdo in that direction. I know some people may think this is mean, but seriously it's not mockery. It's appreciation. Without those of willing to sport those amazing locks my shopping trips would be so boring!

4. I'm pretty sure that I have thrown up in all of the major shopping centers, gas stations, and restaurants in my area. I had crazy morning, afternoon, and evening sickness when I was pregnant. This isn't to complain about that because really it wasn't that bad. I just got used to eating and then getting sick and moving on with my day. As a result of this I feel I'm an expert on bathroom cleanliness for these places. Now just about every restaurant was good, but when it comes to stores and gas stations thats a different story. The best bathrooms by far were at Quik Trip (way to go QT!), and bottoming the list were always the ones at Walmart. Despite often being closed for cleaning I never noticed them looking very clean.

5. My favorite food is ice cream. Everyone always tells me this isn't a food, but it I beg to differ. I would eat it every day. Actually multiple times a day. Which is why I don't keep it in the house!

So to attempt to continue the game here I'm tagging my lonely 3...

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The Jacobsen Family! said...

Wow, that was quick!
I'll have to call you up the next time we are in the car and the kids have to go potty and CANT WAIT! Unless there's a QT nearby... Then I'll know it's clean, and hey, since I'm there I HAVE to support them and get a Dr. Pepper! =)
I hardly ever see mullets when I'm out! Next time we're out together, you gotta show me. Maybe I'm just oblivious?

Melanie said...

ha ha. B and I notice a lot of sweet hairdo's too! yes! Yeah, Target and Wally have pretty disgusting bathrooms. eww. And I would have been one miserable mama if I had to throw up daily like that. God knows my limits heh. I was the same way about staying home. Such a blessing and yet I have to push myself to feel accomplished. It was a very weird transition and still is at times. I'm so blessed though that it far outweighs it