Saturday, July 10, 2010

Words of Wisdom Dinner

Tonight we had an awesome young peoples activity, our first Words of Wisdom dinner. We invited some of the members of our local to share a meal and some of their advice with our youth group and it was awesome. I don't know what everyone else got out of it, but I loved it. It gave some of our youngest and some of our most seasoned a chance to visit and share their life experiences with each other.

We talked about the future of our local and our church, good decisions we've made, and shared some mistakes and how they might be avoided. We discussed things that have shaped our lives, and ways we've grown spiritually. Tonight made me appreciate even more the wealth of knowledge we have available to us and how blessed we are to be part of this amazing group of people from the youngest to the oldest.

Some of the words of wisdom I heard shared tonight:

Allow God to direct your life. He may have something in store you never considered, but is best for you.

Look for ways to be of service. Make yourself available for work that needs to be done. Starting in small ways can prepare you for greater responsibilities in the future.

Choose you friends wisely they greatly influence who you are.

Think globally, how do the choices we make as a church and as individuals affect the spreading of the gospel. Focus outside of yourself. Realize the impact your actions have on others they can be much more far reaching than you think.

A successful life requires hard work.

Don't allow entertainment to be your number one focus. Distractions come in many forms that take our hearts away from the things that matter most.

I hope some of these are words of wisdom you can use as well. This will definitely be a dinner we do again!


Melanie said...

that sounds really neat! I wish we had some of that when we were doing young people's!

HollyB said...

Glad you were able to do that. I know the young people need to hear "wisdom" - we all do for that matter. As I read some of the statements, I could almost pinpoint who it came from. I may be wrong, but that's okay. I just remember hearing those words of advise.

The Jacobsen Family! said...

Very cool. Hope the YP took it to heart, as it can be so helpful!