Wednesday, December 2, 2009


We decorated our Christmas tree last night, much to daddy's dismay. He loves the fact that Jesus was born, but Christmas isn't his favorite holiday. He would be perfectly happy to not have a tree, do presents, or any of that. But because he loves me he puts up with Christmas music, ornaments, and presents under the tree. He even helped us decorate. He put on one ornament, and only because Easton said "Dada, help?" Not even he could resist that. Sadly I forgot to get out the camera until he had already fulfilled his decorating obligations so there is no proof of his involvement, but he was there behind the camera for the rest of these.

Taking the ornaments out of the box was more fun than putting them on the tree.

We made quite the mess before everything was all said and done.

He put this one up all by himself.

By the time we got close to putting up the star decorating had lost some of it's appeal. He was starting to get a little tired of ornaments and having his picture taken.

I didn't get a picture of it, but when we first plugged in the tree Easton went right over and started trying to blow out all the lights. The holidays have been so much more fun this year now that he's getting big enough to be excited and help out. Next, cookies!


Melanie said...

yay! he looks like he had a good time and yeah, it's fun. Kaia has been freaking out about all the homes decorated with christmas lights. I love that he wanted to blow them out

The Jacobsen Family! said...

LOL! That first picture is priceless! We are putting up our tree tomorrow (I think). Outside lights were put up today though. Kids are LOVING all of the houses decorated with lights. It IS so much more fun when they're older. Glad Easton is forcing Aadam to ditch some of the Scrooge in him! LOL!